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o3| On “AFAMs” & Why I’m Interested in the People Who Date Them

AFAM noun 1 A Foreigner Around Manila (aka Expatriates living in the Philippines). 2 Foreigners living in another place with an agenda. KINDS OF FOREIGNERS: Whore-Mongers. Vegans Looking to Eat Cashews (or whatever the fuck they do to make themselves feel good). Couch Surfers & Wanderlusters. Foreigners Working in the Country. FOREIGNERS IN THE PHILIPPINESContinue reading “o3| On “AFAMs” & Why I’m Interested in the People Who Date Them”

o1| Hello from Quarantine

Hello from my office. Hello from my room. HELLO – from a person wearing a mask while taking a shit and on their laptop writing this. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello, whoever you are, I hope you’re doing okay. And if you aren’t, don’t kill yourself. Hello.