About Me


b. 1945 | Libra | Oakland, CA

I guess the most interesting part about me is that I hold an MFA in Creative Writing maj. in Poetry. The second interesting thing about me is that I write about cannabis from a product sampling perspective. I also moonlight as a video game play-tester and was once a barista. Anything else?

I’m boring, I smell like cotton candy, and I have created a carnivorous plant biome.

But I do like reading critical theory and philosophy. I believe in the religion of progression. I do not judge Slavoj Žižek. I came from the Philippines. I was raised in Manila. I suffer from Celiac Disease. I listen to a lot of glam rock and metal.

Sometimes, I talk too much about guitars and the blues.

And I have no inkling to my heritage or culture. I know who I am.