About Me

Dominique Santos – Writer
b. 1988 | Libra | Oakland, CA

Although I didn’t grow up in California, it’s where I live — locked within parched landscapes and eternally cold waters from the Pacific. A great contrast from the storm ridden coastal existence I had in Manila. Do I miss the torrential chaos and unpredictability of my home? Yes. But only when I think about the food and the freedom to live vicariously off of other’s misadventures.

Okay, so when I was in my 20’s, I graduated with a masters in creative writing maj. in poetry. I took it twice — the first time was at the University of the Philippines and finished the ordeal at San Francisco State University. During those trying times I’ve worked as a barista and have been published while winning several awards pertaining to my craft.

When I’m not in a perpetual state of freelancing and unemployment, I moonlight as a book cover artist and graphic designer. I love onion rings, cannabis, dirty smutty stories, guitar gear, and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

If you like me as a person and would love to connect here’s an intro for you —

Hi! My name is Dominique. You can drop a “hi” at dmnquesnts@gmail.com