About Me

DOMINIQUE . Libra. (b 1988)

You may not know me but you may know some of my work. If you’re into jacking-off and sex toys. My name is Dominique Santos and I’m a writer and self-actualized designer from Oakland, CA. I have an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University — majoring in Poetry. Do I have a book coming up? Am I pursuing anything with it? No. Although, I am working on random projects that involve translation and random visuals that incorporate text. (It’s not cheesy, don’t worry.) Anyhoo, ETA: indefinite. Obviously.

Beyond being a writer/artist, which composes little of my personality, I am a self proclaimed cannabis connoisseur. The truth is I get paid to smoke weed at Dab Connection. I also run a website called Flower By Design — which is a passion project that involves my husband and I.

On good days I tend a little terrarium of insectivores. I collect taxidermied pieces that involve pinned insects and dancing mice. I still read critical theory/ philosophy and write little quips about it in notebooks after filling the book with annotations. I have no friends, I’m an introvert. I smoke a lot sungrown indicas. I restore guitars. My favorite outfit is athleisure. And, right now, I still work in the cannabis industry.

I moved from Manila to California with the intention of disappearing. And I plan to stay invisible until something comes up. Until the words get boring or when I finally move to LA or New Mexico.

My current obsession is the Essay.