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Field Trip: Cookies SF

I had to do a cartridge review for my new gig at DabConnection and thought it’d be great if I could buy a new vape cartridge and start my analysis fresh. My initial thought was, “If I were looking for Friendly Farms, where would I go?” Connected Cannabis Co., obviously. I wanted to go to the one in Sacramento but they only had sauce carts. I wanted to go to the one in Stockton but my medical recommendation was expired. I settled for San Francisco and placed an order on Weedmaps. So, to save ourselves from hours of looking for parking, we decided to get an oil change and walk to Cookies SF in the Mission District. It was a pretty short walk from where we were. Apparently Cookie Co. / Connected Cannabis Co.s are independent from each other. I used to frequent the one in San Jose but that closed so I can’t get my points back. I like going to the one in Sacramento and the concierge told me that, at this store, …

In a While

Today, it’s 5 degrees warmer in Benicia, CA. I’m sitting here, in my couch-bed, watching a show about cocaine and Florida on Netflix. I can barely understand what they’re saying because my husband has the volume on low. I’m stoned on Runtz, eating two day old mohingar (catfish soup), while I contemplate the fate of my 5 month old cough. There’s an empty Yakult bottle next to me. It’s propped on top of a Native Seed hoodie and an empty plastic can of Venom OG. Truth be told, I haven’t smoked in a while – not since two weeks ago – and I’m contemplating how I can still type when the Runtz is making me feel a little stupid. I’ve always liked feeling heavy due to Celiac related insomnia. With it a feeling of constant anxiety. It’s crippling and it stirs me away from positive thoughts, and productivity. Smoking weed helps. It helps a lot. When it can’t (because I can’t smoke in my room) I consider taking Benadryl.