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Sample Project: Cookies

Cookie Settings are important for a website to know what their visitors are interested in. In turn, if the settings are remembered in the website, the user will have an easier time navigating through the website with their preferred browsing experience. Please click on the images to enlarge.  

Sample Project: Reg Form & Error Message

I originally wanted to do something about Captchas but it turned into doing something related to registration forms. I just followed a template of what I felt that was a secure way to register — Usernames first and then verification of e-mail before sealing the deal with setting up a password.   And then what do you do when there’s too much password typing? Recently, websites seem more to forgive the user more regarding banning the IP address for 5 minutes. They probably know that most of the users have children — so I took that idea. Instead of banning why not redirect the user to a page where they can avoid being banned and just entering their e-mail to resend a password renewal.

Sample Project: 404 Error Messages

The most creative way to make a website interesting is through it’s 404 Error Message page. Serious sites go for a more serious route while quirky websites go for a more fun route.   Please click on the images to enlarge. Sometimes, a simple message is good because it makes the visitor less frustrated when they have to be somewhere or if they have to pee so bad. Most of the time, it’s good to have something witty in there. Because who doesn’t love wit? Witless people? Exactly.