Author: dxminiq

Through Comic Shop Spaces

Lately, it’s been like this — weaving through spaces and inhaling dust. California is on fire right now, yes, but I’m talking about the dust that’s accumulated through pages and pages of back issues and graphic novels. Comics, nowadays, serve as a reprieve. There’s some kind of solace as I traverse the silent world in between shelves and boxes looking for things that I wont necessarily read but keep. Beyond San Francisco, comic shops grow disheveled. Stocks and stocks of product are scattered neatly and everywhere. It makes me wonder why the main city stores aren’t as dense with content but just as small.

At The Tender Age of Ripe

a Fluxus Manifesto to 29 yr. olds before turning 30 OPEN THE FRIDGE DOOR. If you hear the lull of a quiet day approach you, be prepared to reward yourself with sustenance. Do not revel in the majesty of nonchalance – not yet. Not today. Ask yourself, “Where does the light go when the fridge is closed?” And pay no mind to those sweaty three-month old bag of baby carrots and the bottle of merlot half-empty / half-full, staring at you. All three of the takeout boxes need to be put in the trash can. Take your time. Breathe in. Reach for your phone. noun the state of containing nothing. the quality of lacking meaning or sincerity; meaninglessness. CLOSE THE FRIDGE DOOR. Distract yourself with a text from your boss. Distract yourself with pictures on Instagram. Distract yourself with the feeling of fullness while seeing yourself at your friend’s friend, Steve, from that wedding you attended last month. Remind yourself, “I am well and –” at the sight of your apartment and the mess your …