Author: Dominique S.

Grammin’ with some grammers

While hormonally imbalanced and keeling over to the side with Celiac Disease Maybe it’s easier to show how I’m coping with depression swimmingly. I don’t have depression. But maybe I do? Maybe I just have severe anxiety. And the only way I could cope with my mental blocks was to smoke weed. But, let’s just say that the warning, “21+” wasn’t invented yet and I’d been smoking cannabis since I turned 15. Obviously, the idea of possessing some sort of chemical dependency was unheard of during those times. And in the third world? I swear, the only reason my country men would ever be into something is when westerners are into that something. It wouldn’t be in their itinerary to consider legalizing cannabis or, let alone, study the stuff if the western world wasn’t so obsessed with it. Either way, what I’m trying to say is that my body has a dependency on THC. An addict would say, “I’m not an addict”. I’m addicted to sugar more than THC. But my body craves and metabolizes …

Living In “Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry”

In order for me to fully obscure myself from people — I propose that reading beyond and within the context of the French and other translated philosophical institutions is the way to go. Either way, I’m not saying that “Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry” is a difficult body of work. It’s quite the opposite. The text’s language is endearing and understandable as Jacques Maritain exposes his points’ difficulties and dumbs it down to understandable queues. To summarize the idea of this body of work: aesthetics.