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The Slow and Battered Surrender to Interpretation

For example: an Apple

I kept a bag of apple seeds just in case the world decided to collapse. I wanted to leave a solid trail of trees to commemorate my existence – as a human being. It’s a long story, but an irrelevant one. The significant human experience we search for always must mean something to yourself and the other self – which is the audience.

For example: an Apple

I have a strange dislike for fresh fruits – mostly apples. I have a strange dislike for bruised fruit – the ripest apples are good for pie. I only eat apple pies. I only drink apple juice. I never really eat apples – not without the skin on. That’s probably a hard fact to digest. Personally, I find apples hard to digest.

For example: an Apple

What does an apple mean when it’s ripe and red and juicy and fallen? What does it mean to be an apple that no human or animal remembers? What is an apple anyway? What does it mean to me? What does it mean to you? What does it mean to anybody who likes apples? Who hates apples? Apples.


First, a warning: this is me and my views on studying “objective correlative” in relation to post-structuralism (a.k.a my need to consistently talk about deconstruction and semiotics).

  1. When I graduated college, I always thought I’d go into advertising. Seeing as I’m not smart enough to pursue the endeavor – with lack of portfolio – post-graduation, I moved to California to pursue finding the self. There are 7,500 varieties of apples in existence and I only know one kind: red delicious.
  2. It’s hard not to distinguish the scent of an apple. The faint grass scent muted by a floral, starchy sweetness. The taste is similar to a grassy nectar. The blossoms of an apple tree have white to a warm pink hue. Apples are from the genus Malus, they’re related to roses.
  3. The smell of baked apple pie is distinguishable. The buttery crust filling the room. The sweet scent of rot and must all coming together with toasted dough. I prefer to eat apples in a crumble with vanilla bean ice cream. Somehow, the dark flecks remind me that plain things are good to be paired with plain things. An apple pie is a scientific concept.
  4. Like Roses, apples are an image in mythology. Apples were used by the gods to tempt us. A story of human selfishness. A story of intellectual fertility. In the end we always choose each other over the gods.

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