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2021 and then Some

I had to admit that, for the last two months of this year, I’ve been having withdrawals. Yes. I’ve been having withdrawals from prescribed medication. I realized this was happening after I stopped taking a pill that was supposed to help my body heal. I couldn’t move my left arm at first. Then it moved to my right arm. Then all over my wrists, fingers, and jaw. Every day, I had some new ache and pain disabling my ability to move.

There was depression. There was insomnia. There were a lot of annoying situations where the people who were supposed to understand kept annoying me to do certain tasks I’m not in the mood to do.

Opiates. I love what it does to me. I understand why people get addicted to them. But what I don’t understand is why do hospitals do this? Sometimes people think it’s a myth because it hasn’t happened to them. But when you get pumped with a cocktail of oxycodone, hydrocodone, neurontin, and melatonin with the comfort of nurses giving it to you for 5 days straight? I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a dependency there.

Addiction through legally prescribed opiates are real. And I’m surviving it with sheer will power and cannabis.

As for 2020? I loved the year even it was an asshole to me. It gave me a break from the stress that was eating at me. I got to save. I got to do my taxes. I got to use my insurance. I got a stimulus check that helped me pay two of my bills.

I don’t have anything for 2021. I slept through the new year because I had a really bad headache. It’s just another year I want to make right.

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