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Wake & Bake No. 2

I believe in dualities. A delivery service is only as good as the diversity of their products and a dispensary is only as good as the convenience they can provide. What I’m trying to say is there’s a time and place for both, it just depends on what your mood is.

Although, let me break it down, with a focus on my preferences and limitations: I only smoke flower and I’m a weed snob.


  • The products I want varies depending on how adventurous my mood is.
  • Dispensaries carry a diverse selection of product and I like learning about brands, etc. through minor interactions with the bud-tender. And I say minor because I’ve probably researched about a certain product before coming there.
  • Depending on the dispensary (you can tell through the store’s layout) a bud-tender will entertain questions about certain products until they won’t.


  • When a dispensary doesn’t have an updated menu available online — through their website or through Weedmaps — then obviously it will blow when the item you want isn’t there.
  • Most of the time the difficult people don’t get what they want — so they harass their bud tenders. But sometimes there are rude bud tenders — although, I have yet to encounter one.
  • When you’re dealing with a dispensary in San Francisco there’s rarely parking anywhere.
  • When commuting there’s always that scenario on how to hide the meds when a bag or a hoodie isn’t available.

But honestly, I prefer dispensaries over most delivery services.


  • Depending on the menu, a delivery service is comfortable because you don’t have to deal with people.
  • There are no lines and staying indoors is fun.


  • Most delivery services are don’t really offer anything unless it’s Eaze. But most of the time their menus are small and boring and full of vape cartridges.
  • I don’t really care about this but people complain about the wait time.
  • People don’t really get to know about the products they’re ordering. Sometimes the flowers come out short.
  • There’s a delivery fee and most of the time smaller delivery services rape you with taxes along with the delivery fee.

And the only reason why I’d go for delivery is when I personally love the people growing the weed or the weed itself. BayCure and Jahnetics are one of my favorite services because I literally love their plants. Their prices are great and I’m just really grateful that these people sell quality cannabis.

My preference would always be going to a dispensary because I’m a fickle individual when it comes to what’s going in my lungs. I struggle with being social but the only times that I can let myself be me is when I’m inside a dispensary and inside a comic book store or the gym.

Technically, ORDERING FOR PICKUP IS ALSO GREAT — but that’s another story for another time.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve been smoke weed for 15 years now and my tastes are my tastes because I’m used to a certain type of quality. I’m not trying to say that the cheaper stuff is beneath me — I smoke smalls / minis or the $15.00 brands like Old Pal and Dime Bag. What I’m trying to say is that I wouldn’t smoke the mids when I have the opportunity to find quality weed for a decent price.

There’s a difference between hype and rapper weed versus quality weed at a lower price. And I think I need to talk about that some day, but for now, I just want to say that dispensaries are my thing because I’m a flower smoker and I’ll leave the delivery services for alone because I hate non-live-resin vapes and edibles.

I’m old school like that.

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