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Wake & Bake No. 1

I found an old, unused [G-Pen] herbal tank lying around my room the other day and I initially wanted to use it for quick morning tokes just to get the day started. But now that I think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense for me because I’m a heavy smoker. Beyond that, refilling, cleaning, and the upkeep have proven to be troublesome since the device can only give the user one (1) hit. Although, for people who don’t want to deal with lighters, get shit faced, or who just generally smoke carts, it’s a great product to have due to its compatibility with a 510 (universal) battery.

In other news, I haven’t been smoking as much as I used to. & sometimes, I’m just… not in the mood to do in-depth product reviews.

Canned Weed: Fad & Fiction — a capsule review

The thing I dislike about canned weed is that it breeds uncertainty in a time where packaging regulations are constantly changing. There’s a pressure on cannabis companies to maneuver through packaging regulations. The difficulty here lies within chemicals and substances that could affect and, in turn, take effect while ingestion and / or inhalation of the products.

Perhaps, I was (and still am) adamant towards cultivators like Space Monkey Meds, Golden State Banana, Lemon Tree, etc. for going the canned weed route even if they produce fire weed due to having their cans containing nitrogen. The science behind this is that nitrogen acts as a preserving agent —

I don’t buy the bluff. But I have smoked the goodness within them for the past several months and my verdict is that nothing’s happened to me yet. The latest of the greatest canned weed I’ve smoked are —

Image result for venom og native seed
Venom OG cult. Native Seed

Abracadabra cult. by Occidental Hills

Image result for occidental hills eaze abracadabra
Abracadabra cult. Occidental Hills

In their’s and every body’s defense, fire weed is fire weed. I just don’t trust the effects of nitrogen infused in flower at the moment since there’s no medical proof that the stuff is safe to smoke.

Another down-side of smoking canned weed is: once the top is off, it’s as useless as keeping your weed in pop-tops.

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