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It Comes in Pieces 👽

They put a sign on it saying it is for health, beauty, perspective; that it is for peace, for prosperity; that it was planted by the mayor’s daughter. All of this is mystification. The city itself lives on its own myth. 

Thomas Merton

I’ve come to recognize the term, “Anthropocene” through a random purchase from Green Apple Books in 2016.

I was convinced by the possibility of writing investigative poetry while eavesdropping on a graduate class centered on it. (A class I didn’t signup for because I was in a hurry to graduate.)

In my attempt to pursue a topic, I bought GRAIN VAPOR RAY with intention to write about issues focused on the anthropocene. It was to focus on the realities of climate change.


1. the current geological age, viewed as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment.


I lost interest in the project. I preferred to write about the self through myth since one of my ex-classmates was into the topic of conservationism. Although, images of existing within the anthropocene continued to haunt me sparking several projects that focused on environmental issues — and existentialism.

And then there was the topic of cosmic horror —

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