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Field Trip: Cookies SF

I had to do a cartridge review for my new gig at DabConnection and thought it’d be great if I could buy a new vape cartridge and start my analysis fresh.

My initial thought was, “If I were looking for Friendly Farms, where would I go?” Connected Cannabis Co., obviously. I wanted to go to the one in Sacramento but they only had sauce carts. I wanted to go to the one in Stockton but my medical recommendation was expired. I settled for San Francisco and placed an order on Weedmaps.

So, to save ourselves from hours of looking for parking, we decided to get an oil change and walk to Cookies SF in the Mission District. It was a pretty short walk from where we were.

Apparently Cookie Co. / Connected Cannabis Co.s are independent from each other. I used to frequent the one in San Jose but that closed so I can’t get my points back. I like going to the one in Sacramento and the concierge told me that, at this store, even if it’s a Connected, I would still need to register.

And registering meant that I got 10% off my first order! Was it a good experience? Yes. Why? Because I got 10% off.

Forbidden Fruit from Dimebag and Raspberry Sherbet from Friendly Farms

My experience with most Connected / Cookie Co. stores have always been positive. I’m the kind of person that just wants to get my weed and go. And I guess most of the people that complain like to talk a lot and be treated like royalty?

I’ve worked in the service industry and I’m a patient person in general. So far the people at this place have not rubbed me the wrong way – wherever they’re located. And that’s why I’m loyal to their brand… plus the weed is affordable and I’m not complaining about $55.00 Melonade from Alien Labs.

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