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A Dose of Do-Si-Pie


Do-Si-Dos x Cherry Pie
Indica-Dominant Hybrid

The flower came from the growers that provide to Gold Coast Harvest. They bought piles and piles of Tropicana, Blue Cookies, Purple Punch, and Do-Si-Pie that were ready to bag. I was excited about GCH’s flower and I even wanted to ask my boss if I could just buy the samples we had lying around the office.

Either way, I was there, eyeing the Do-Si-Pie and the Tropicana — ready to spend what money I had at the time. Why? Because beautiful exotic bud is hard to come by. Turtle Pie can wait for another month; so can bulk buying LEEF Organic’s Nooks & Crannies soap.

Smell: Minty. Sweet. Earthy.

Do-Si-Pie’s smell resembles GSC (fka Girl Scout Cookies) a lot, possibly from the Do-Si-Do lineage which had sprung from its Durban Poison x OG Kush mix. There’s hints of sweetness lingering within the undertone, but none as distinct as what someone would smell from Cherry Pie.

It’s a strong pleasant odor, if you ask me. One that reminds you of smelling a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie plus the box smell.

Taste: Pie Crust. Herbal. Black Tea.

When smoked, Do-Si-Pie tastes like burnt crust. Meaning, it has a light bitter after taste with a buttery cookie box after taste.

Image result for zig zag ultra thin

I smoked it with Zig Zag’s Ultra Thin 1 1/4th papers.

Even if it had buttery hints of flavor in it, this version of Do-Si-Pie didn’t leave rosin in my mouth. It’s a good thing. I don’t like smoking heavier strains (mostly purples) because of this. It’s the same reason why I don’t like drinking milk. It leaves me phlegmy.

Effects: Relaxed. Hungry. Happy.

Once after taking a few hits, Do-Si-Pie left me feeling physically heavy but with an active mind. There was clarity in those first few seconds of inhaling and I found myself balanced out and focused without being too engrossed in one activity.

My sleep was great but I was left a little bit thirsty after waking up — which is kind of normal when smoking marijuana.

I rate it 5 /5 & would recommend to more experienced smokers.

If you’re into heavier strains and promise yourself you wont trip out, this strain is good for you. It definitely leaves the body couch-locked and bed-bound while providing the mind with relaxation … or hallucination if it’s going to be used by a novice smoker.

So far, I like this strain.

It’s not going to be my on my ‘to buy’ list, but I will keep Do-Si-Pie in mind. There are some strains that my body really vibes with in terms of taste and feeling. I would say, Purple Punch is a staple in my 2018 – 2019 household.

But who knows? I’m prone to changing my mind.

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