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My X-mas Gift was a Santa Cruz Shredder

When weed runs in the family, you’d expect a shit ton of bud from both sides. Wrong! I bring most of the bud while he? He doesn’t get any kind of incentive due to a bigger and less populated menu. No discounts either. But sometimes, when he gets a little crazy, he just orders from his job on days off and surprises me with little gems like — a Santa Cruz Shredder.

I never expected to receive one. Although, I’ve always wanted one, even if we still have a working one for a 3rd of the price.

I was got a standard medium sized 3 piece. The first two attachments are magnetized and the third one has to be screwed on to open. Obviously, there’s no fourth tier sporting a screen to collect kief.

I dislike that screen feature because I don’t even like kief or resin peppered around my joint. Unless it’s an extraction by King Cobra Extracts (not sponsored), 831 Extractions (not sponsored), or Harvest Moon Gardens (also not sponsored).

Nonetheless, a 3 piece grinder for $60+ is great only if it works. Did it work? Yes.

I ground a nug of 831 OG, with the stem, and did 3 twists. There’s no tension or hesitation from the top piece making the process of grinding easier than expected.

The bud came out fluffy. Santa Cruz Shredder boasted about this on the box and I’m the testament to this truth. The gas from the flower also puffed out but the teeth didn’t come out sticky — as what I would expect from other grinders.

What progressed was me grinding Purple Starburst, Space Queen, and Pink Panther. After the 4th use it still felt clean and no waxy buildup from the sides like how most grinders are.

In conclusion, I’m impressed. I don’t think I’ll buy a new grinder any time soon but if this one dies on me then I’ll be sure to get another Santa Cruz Shredder… or Cali Crusher. Who knows?

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