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The Emerald Cup 2018 Haul

It’s been a month now & I’m still sick with the flu. But my husband said, “FUCK IT!” and got us tickets for the Sunday event at the Emerald Cup 2018. We went early, like around 11.15 am, and found ourselves staying through the rain for 4 hours until he thought he lost his phone.

We mainly stayed at the Flow Kana tent and got some of the best sun grown weed. 

I’ve tried Flow Kana through Jaime, so I know what their weed is like. I was glad that they were actually sponsoring a tent this year so my husband and I canoodled with some of the grower there. We got free papers from the Willie Nelson / Flow Kana booth. 

Zkittles booth

We got Orangzina and Cherry Z from the Zkittlez booth. It was kind of strange because I usually never go for IG famous weed, but I jumped the gun and we just bought two 8ths from them.

Runtz Booth

We went to the Runtz booth and got two 10 gram joints. They had a new strain coming out that peaked a high THC amount. Since we weren’t really into stronger stuff, we got the flavorful ones instead.

Flower Company Booth

The Flower Company’s billboards are all over Santa Rosa and Oakland. I tried becoming a member of their delivery service but I couldn’t really afford the membership fee. I liked that I got to sample some of their flower from Maven. We got Tangie because my husband loves that strain… whatever form it takes.

Fire Cut Booth

It was a random booth that we visited but it turned out great. We got Mimosa from Party Time Farms sold by the wonderful ladies at Fire Cut. They were happy that we got stickers. I love stickers.

Flow Kana Booth

It sounded tasty at the time, so we got Pancakes from Willie’s Reserve. The farm is from Golden Gardens.

Willie’s Reserve Booth

These are from assorted gardens all under the name of Willie’s Reserve. Basically Willie Nelson has a bunch of farmers growing under his name and I love the fact that they all have a face under his brand. We got strains from Moon Made Farms, Huckleberry Farms, and Woodman Peak Farms. Most of these farms are family owned and generational which warms my heart. 

From the Futurola Guy

Well, they were giving these out for free. All I have to say I need tips to make a crutch because I don’t smoke my joints crutch-less. Thanks for the freebies.

We didn’t really get to buy any Fig Farms, IC Collective, Str8Organics, Alien Labs, Lemon Tree, etc. bud because my husband thought he lost his phone. We left earlier than usual but it was good, I guess, because we didn’t notice that we were hungry. 

Either way, we’ll be back next year. We love sun grown marijuana, as a family, and we like anything that smells like peace and wellness. Maybe we’ll go to the High Times ones? Maybe. But, for sure, we’ll always make going back to the Emerald Cup a tradition.

Also, he found his phone. It was in the car. 

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