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Lit Talk pt. 1

(ONE) Poetry isn’t dead. It’s just going through changes.

(TWO) The existence of writers like Lang Leav and Rupi Kaur reflect a far greater issue than their writing.

It all stems from a lack of educational interest. The reason being the teachers’ approach and disinterest in current literary trends vying to teach Emily Dickinson and Emily Dickinson. If the students are lucky enough Sylvia Plath might pop up.

Oddly, these lit trends are often present and thriving in the realm of tertiary education — while also being isolated / reserved / exclusive to the literature, philosophy, and creative writing majors.

I think the industry is pretty cannibalistic or incestuous. Good writers win the good awards and make the great books. But the literature never lands on the hands of common man because works like these were meant for people in academia.

(THREE) Poetry is elitist. Literature is elitist. The community will always maintain its standards.

One could say that no matter how famous Kaur and Leav are, they’re never destined to get featured in Poetry Foundation or It says a lot about exclusivity and I’m leaving it at that.

Unless proven wrong. I hope I don’t get proven wrong. Some institutions should keep a standard, right?

(FOUR) It’s all a matter of conditioning. It’s all about attacking the teenage girl.

Observe that most of the market’s readers are teenage girls and people who can’t get past Harry Potter. So the substandard genre called Young Adult flourished — whose readers choose to shit on the Romance Novel genre when both are the same thing.

I love romance novels.

(FIVE) Rupi Kaur, Lang Leav, and their YA Poetry have a place in our shelves.

Not in mine, though.

I’m far too old for pretty covers and bad writing. Plus, my reading palette’s already developed. I’m picky enough as it is.

(SIX) People don’t need permission to read a piece of difficult literature.

When people attack Kaur and Leav they don’t come for their race. I’m pretty sure they’re coming for their lack of insight.

(SEVEN) The craft of writing is a science and a study.

It’s not a bunch of dick doodles and statements bound and self-published.


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