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Yelp! Mock Ad

Perhaps it’s good to note that the most writing traffic Yelp! gets is from its customers. When someone wants to find a restaurant they go to Yelp! and look for the closest possible service suited to their tastes. If they like the restaurant – be it good service or good food – they can comment on their experience.

Yelp!, we all know, is the main proponent of free speech — free-er than Facebook, more liberal than Twitter.

Some experiences are bad and customers are quick to go to their app and rate and berate a restaurant for their bad service or their food. But when the stars align it’s always best to remind the user and customer that their good experiences may benefit others.

It’s always easy to forget. But restaurants put themselves out there to get good reviews because good reviews are good for businesses.

Yelp! changed the restaurant scene with their location and rating service by keeping the service industry in check.

It is our responsibility, as customers, to have a good sense of humor and give the poor service industry workers a chance to redeem themselves by reminding them that the power of opinion turns into truth and that ratings actually affect us as a civilization.

My goal is to keep Yelp! kind of edgy and fun and not seen just as a last resort app to look for a restaurant when you and your significant other are “hangry” and need a nice casual and cheap place to eat.

DISCLAIMER: I made the copy all by myself. 🙂

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