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In an effort to mindlessly churn out some interesting ads and show off some graphic design skills on Photoshop, I decided to create a fake re-release ad for the infamous Unicorn Frappuccino.

My goal with this image is to mix wit with magic — using a white background to emphasize the fun and vibrant nature of the drink that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

The copy I made reads as: KEEPING THE MAGIC ON TAP — until we run out of unicorns.

GROUNDS FOR YOUR GARDEN — was an effort by Starbucks to get rid of their waste in a more conservationist way. Instead of throwing precious nitrogen rich coffee grounds that could be used as fertilizer, Starbucks came up with a plan to let their customers know that the coffee industry is an eco-friendly business.

The grounds are available all year round — just ask the barista if you can take a load out of their hands.

Tagline I provided: Let Your Garden Grow.

The copy I made reads as: Starbucks’ Baristas would like to inform you that Ground for your Garden is an annual responsibility from us to your plants. It’s free and the only cost is to let your garden grow.

I’ve worked for Starbucks before and did some of the chalk boards during my stay there as a barista. This was all made by me with the intention of fitting coffee in the gaming scene which is big in San Francisco… or maybe Seattle because XBox actually sponsors Seattle’s soccer team and Starbucks is from Seattle.

The copy I made reads as: A shot of energy to fuel that drive.

My goal with these ads targets a younger generation from different walks of life. I want them to interact and build their own opinion on what they can do with the coffee that Starbucks provides.

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