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Rootery | An Online Cannabis Brand Review Website

SEPT. 10, 2017 — I started my Cannabis Instagram with good intentions. I had a lot of weed and by a lot, I mean three shoeboxes full of 8ths. It was a time when Eaze was practically giving credit away like it was nothing because I reached the pinnacle of greatness – the VIP status.

The legalization of medical marijuana – California’s Prop 215 – was something of a holistic carnival for me. Coming from a country whose concern for drug abuse mutated into “government-sanctioned” killings, I was happy that I could actually smoke it here.

Here’s why – I have been diagnosed with crippling anxiety after learning I had Celiac Disease. The medication I was taking was not in tune with my body and I felt like I needed something different, something I couldn’t overdose on, or be addicted to. So, I tried medical cannabis.

Eaze provided a service that was comfortable but didn’t really offer a way to try the products they sold because it was online. I tried the vape pens first and then moved on with flowers – of which I bulk bought just in case I had the time to smoke them.

After receiving my MFA and quitting my job at the Starbucks I was working for I decided to make smoking weed a daily project –

That was when Rootery found me. They sent me a DM and urged me to join their website. Later on, after singing up, that for every five [5] reviews you get a free item. So here we are, with my free items from Papa & Barkley and Lucky 420.

What I like about Rootery’s vision is that it provides pictures and feedback assigned to brands primarily sold through online dispensaries. Purchasing items that you haven’t tried yet could be daunting but websites like these gives the consumer a buffer and an option to try a certain brand listed on their website.

Check out my Rootery profile here.


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